Vancouver, Canada,  November 5, 2013 Cloudburst Research is pleased to announce the availability of AutoStitch Panorama for Android.  The highest quality, most flexible panorama stitching solution on iOS is now available to Android users.  AutoStitch for iPhone has remained popular since its launch in 2009, and has gathered more than 600,000 loyal and active users.   Continued

By CDMN on Oct 22, 2013 Babak Sardary, the CEO and Co-founder of Trusterra Technologies Incorporated, is in the business of making sure the right information finds its way to the right people, at the right time. That’s why Trusterra sought the assistance of the Canadian Digital Media Network’s (CDMN) Soft-Landing Program offered through their hub at Wavefront, located in Vancouver, … Continued

By Jacob Serebrin, October 21, 2013 Machine-to-machine, also known as the “Internet of things,” may sound pretty esoteric. But experts say if businesses don’t get on board, they’re not only leaving money on the table, they’ll also get left behind. The terms refer to everything from smart hydro meters that automatically report usage to utility … Continued

By Cheryl Conner, October 20th 2013 I posed that question this week to my friend Dr. Phil Windley, an expert technologist, Executive Producer of IT Conversations and a serial entrepreneur. He and co-founder Stephen Fulling have launched multiple ventures together beginning with iMALL Inc., which they sold to Excite@home in 1999. Disclosure: I have no current business relationship … Continued

Businesses around the world are realizing the benefits from new era of communications; one that Canadian industry cannot afford to lag, but in which we also have a strong opportunity to lead. Just as Canada has led in wireless innovation in the past, Canadian businesses once again have an opportunity to lead, as innovators in machine-to-machine (M2M) … Continued

Vancouver-based startup Curatio is sitting pretty these days. The four-month old company, part of Wavefront’s Venture Accelerator Program, recently won $100,000 for their innovative health care mobile application at the 7th annual Health 2.0 Conference in Silicon Valley. The contest is Novartis’ global competition to create an innovative health care mobile application Curatio’s winning application, “ThaliMe”, is an innovative, personalized support and … Continued