Deliver a first class user experience

Many organizations often face the challenge of finding the proper usability experts and devices. Testing a product’s UI, wireframe, and heuristics can pose a challenge to launching a product on time. Usability testing can take a good product to a great product, with the proper insights and guidance.


UI/UX Lab and Expertise

Located in downtown Vancouver, Wavefront provides the developer community with access to state-of-the-art usability labs and services. Working with community partners, we offer access to usability lab equipment, as well as facilitation, planning, and analysis services. To speak with our Wavefront consulting advisors about engaging Wavefront to help accelerate your wireless strategy, contact us today.

Key Benefits:

  • Connect to the right expertise and services to suit your specific  technical needs
  • Software to connect remote teams to testing sessions
  • Review and validation of product design choices

Toronto-based management consultant Wendy MacKinnon-Keith had an idea: to create a mobile shopping app that allows shoppers to easily scan and pay for their items in-store, breaking free of the checkout line. In turn, retailers and brands could engage shoppers with highly contextual offers. Wendy knew her big opportunity was to showcase the app at the annual National Retail Federation show, but first had to make the leap from concept to working prototype in just a few months. Enter Wavefront.